Christmas Is Just Around The Corner - Time for Mulled Wine

Between office tips and music streams, we would like to share something else with you today for a change: our favorite mulled wine recipe. In keeping with the pre-Christmas season, which this year is mixed with an extra dose of Covid stress, we can't forget to bring some Christmas magic and time out to your home. Besides - who says that you can only drink mulled wine at the Christmas market and that Zoom should only be used for business meetings?

You need the following ingredients:

  • 1 bottle of red wine - in general, you can use any kind of wine, because the many aromatic ingredients change the taste of the wine anyway

  • Whole cloves - the traditional ingredient that no mulled wine should miss. Besides, the scent alone will put you in a pre-Christmas mood

  • Oranges - a must-have in every mulled wine! Ideally, cut them into slices and you already got the perfect decoration

  • Sugar - everyone's tastes are different. Add as much as you like. Although sugar is not a must, it should not be missing for the well-known taste

  • Star anise - provides a great aroma and serves, like oranges, also immediately as a wonderful decoration

  • Cinnamon sticks - the ultimate Christmas spice, which should not be missing in any mulled wine

  • Brandy - for those who like it a little stronger - a shot of Brandy adds some extra magic

Trust us when we tell you that reading this recipe takes longer than the preparation itself.

Ready for the next step?


Place all ingredients in a pot, briefly boil it up, then cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes over medium heat.

And if you don't want to wait until the evening or simply don't want to drink any alcohol, you are welcome to try our non-alcoholic version which, of course, is also fun preparing together with the kids.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine:

  • Instead of red wine take some red grape juice

  • In this case, we recommend not to add sugar, since the grape juice is by nature already very sweet

  • That we don't need any Brandy is somewhat self-explanatory ;)

  • The remaining ingredients are taken from the original recipe

Tip from us:

If you have any cloves and oranges left, you can put the cloves in the peel of the oranges and you will have the perfect room fragrance. Christmas mood preprogrammed!

Use the technological systems not only for your home office. Especially in the Christmas season, it is important to have contact with others, to listen to yourself, and to escape the stress we were exposed to even more this year. Zoom and Co can and should also be used for a cozy chat on a Friday evening. And anyone who thinks that a mulled wine-zoom-combo can't be very Christmassy has obviously never had the smell of simmering grape juice or red wine mixed with great spices and oranges in their kitchen. You simply cannot help but let your soul be filled with joy. ANTLESS promise ;)

As always - please feel free to send us your favorite recipes or let us know if you tried ours. Enjoy your day!

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