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How Music can boost your Employee Experience

The world is changing, and so are our workplaces. More and more companies are striving to not only increase the customer experience, but equally focus on their employees. The so-called Employee Experience is, therefore, a term that is becoming increasingly important. And we couldn't be happier about it.

Employee Experience summarizes various values that can contribute to making people feel great in their workplace. It means operating employee-centric: The focus is the well-being and personal development. Exploiting creativity, performance, and innovation become a natural byproduct.

There are endless examples of how companies can achieve this: - Transparent onboarding processes - Learning and growth opportunities - Making collaboration easy - An appreciative feedback culture - many more...

While all of the above examples are more on the soft skill side, it is by far not all there is to do. The design of the office itself plays an essential part in how employees feel and work. Does your office invite everyone to focus and relax? To be creative and to socialize?

Many companies are already aware and improve their interior to meet their employees' needs: The right colors, the correct lighting, different areas to relax, focus, and socialize. These primarily visual components can help to create a better workspace. But have you ever thought about how these places might sound? How does concentration sound? How does innovation sound? And how does a company sound where employees are the center of attention?

We know that every situation has a different sound. That's why ANTLESS has designed several sound streams for various circumstances: From deep concentration phases to large-minded brainstorming sessions, where everyone must come to a satisfying common denominator as quickly as possible. You simply choose your task and hit "play" to be accompanied by the right music.

If you are not sure where to start your employee experience journey, music could be the way to go. The right sound can make your office a place that encourages engagement, helps employees concentrate, be productive, and simply be themselves.

Stay tuned for more info on ANTLESS and why we are an essential part of your workplace's well-being.

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