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How not to procrastinate

And we are back – many of us are working from home again. And even though there are no chatty colleagues and no „let’s go for a coffee“-breaks, it’s still not easy to focus at home. There is always that last dish to wash, the bathroom to clean, the bedding to change. And as your flat might become cleaner, your to-do-list becomes more and more frightening. So, how to stop procrastinating and get some work done?

1. Set the mood

You just got ready to work, but suddenly you remember how important it is to drink enough water? Prepare your office space – make yourself a coffee, prepare a bottle of water, maybe even a little snack if you get hungry quickly, laptop and charger, your charged phone, the right music, you name it. But make sure you set everything up beforehand. We don’t want to get up every two minutes because we remember that we just can’t work without a text marker.

2. Set your goals

Ask yourself, „What do I want to achieve this week?“ and „What is important to me and for others?“. Write down your goals for the week and start prioritizing them. Then, break it down into daily to-dos. Check with your calendar. Also, don’t forget to schedule a walk, a little yoga break, or a run around the block.

3. Grasp the nettle

Grasp the nettle. Take the bull by the horn. Catch the big fish first. You can call it, however you please; just start with the task you want to do the least. Get it out of your way, and everything after will be a piece of cake.

4. Switch it up

Now, we just have to stay motivated. Small achievements can go a long way - so make sure to focus on a smaller task after every big one. So you can celebrate your accomplishments. Also, don’t forget to take proper breaks! Just because you sit so close to your kitchen doesn’t mean you should have lunch at your desk. Close your laptop for 30-60 minutes, open the windows, go for a walk. And then start into the second round of not-procrastinating.

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