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Music at Work - Influence on Productivity and Stress Level

Some do it regularly, and others have never tried listening to music while working.

But what effect does it have on us? Are there any at all, or does it just come out sounding nice?

Studies confirm the assumption that music has positive effects on productivity and stress reduction (1).

This is because our brain areas can connect more easily through the influence of music. Also, dopamine is released, and even the breathing rate and blood pressure can be influenced, creating a relaxing effect.

Situations in which you quickly notice the influence of music is, for example, on days when we are less motivated. Here, the right music can lead us to direct our thoughts to something else.

Concentration is increased, especially in repetitive tasks, and music can also stimulate creativity. Thus, you can also promote conversations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions with the right music and bring a fresh wind in there.

And let's be honest - so much as we love our colleagues, sometimes it's just great to switch off other conversations and the noise of printers, telephones, and co via headphones and fully concentrate on work.


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