On a journey with Science Park Graz

Let's set the scene: You're walking through a foggy valley and your goal is to climb to the top of the highest mountain. At the start when you can barely see anything, but you have this picture of a splendid view from the peak in your mind which you can’t stop chasing. Let's start the journey.

© WORKFLOW, Photo: Heldentheater, Location: Science Park Graz


Who is Science Park Graz?

SPG supports high-tech and space-tech start-ups to find their path. The incubator provides the perfect conditions to make your ideas reality, by offering consulting services, office infrastructure, funding expertise, community and mentoring support, an amazing investor network, interest-free loans & funding, workshops, an alumni club and so much more. Hence, the multi-talented core-team works agile together and has in-depth knowledge in various fields and makes sure that all the genius ideas can be supported in the best possible way.

Why choose WORKFLOW?

"As all the employees have to do high-performance tasks, it just feels right to give them the best possible environment," Martin Mössler, the managing director of SPG says. Sabrina Petutschnig, the Executive Assistant, mentioned in a short interview that they experienced WORKFLOW as very supportive in their two weeks trial. Even in the evening they stayed longer and enjoyed the "social area" channel, which really fostered the team spirit and was one critical factor for the decision to implement WORKFLOW.

© WORKFLOW, Photo: Heldentheater, Location: Science Park Graz

What do the SPG team say?

Sabrina Petutschnig, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

"Bringing WORKFLOWmusic into all of our vibrant office areas put our working environment on the next level! It helps us to stay focused during the day and as well suits our after-work requirements!"

Anja Ederer, Marketing & PR Manager
"Music just adds to the many distractions surrounding you in an open space office. That's at least what we thought until we were proven otherwise by the team of Workflow Music: Their subtle beats and carefully selected tunes help you stay focused, rather than losing yourself in the buzz of ambient noise. This doesn't only make me more productive, but comes with another perk: The coolness factor of our offices has just risen dramatically."

Katrin Krenn, Senior Innovation Consultant

"I love it quiet. So I was a little bit nervous when Sabrina said that we implement music. But I didn't expect that. It isn't just like standard music. WORKFLOW appears very subtle and non-distracting. Now I am happy to turn on my speaker and come into the flow."

Martin Mössler, Managing Director

"As all the employees have to do high-performance tasks, it just feels right to give them the best possible environment."

Employee-Pictures © Science Park Graz



A STYLE session in the multiconnected SPG-office was the perfect start for WORKFLOW. This session was the ideal opportunity for the SPG team to get to know the concept and the team behind WORKFLOW better. They had the chance to ask questions or just boogie to the tunes. The STYLE session started at 2 pm. So, the beats helped everyone to overcome the classic “after-lunch-lag” which we all know too well. Later on the event smoothly transitioned to an after-work-hangout.

For some impressions take a look at the pictures in the gallery below.

© WORKFLOW, Photo: Heldentheater, Location: Science Park Graz

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