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For some people it’s a dream come true, for others a huge challenge. Either way, most of us don’t have a choice these days. The biggest task thereby is probably this: How can I focus while the news feeds are exploding and when I don’t even work in my usual environment?


A lot of advice is already out there: From sticking to your usual schedule, getting dressed (yes, that means that you should get out of bed), to not starting to clean the windows.

Our advice is pretty simple: You should feel good.

And we are happy to help: Currently our DJs are performing live on Facebook from monday till friday to set the perfect atmosphere at your home-office. So you can create the perfect workplace wherever you are. Just tune in, keep the volume low and get into the flow.

Without music, live would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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DJ Momentum performing live

© WORKFLOWmusic; DJ Momentum; Foto: Heldentheater; Location: Science Park Graz

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